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Empowering content creators and bringing magic to websites

At Strife we are dedicated to contributing making internet a better place. For us this means designing and building software that reduces user frustration and empowering your content creators. Derived from these principals we decided to reinvent content management, creating a new and better editorial experience that elevates content quality, ignites productivity and embrace creativity. Strife let you do more with less and shortens your time to market with consistency across devices.

A quest to help making internet a better place also means digital enablement has to be ensured without making violence on those fundamentals that internet once were created upon. For us this means that our platform actively supports you in securing key aspects like integrity, accessibility, performance and digital environmental impact.

Truth to be told however, a digital content platform only takes you that far. The magic lies in how the platform is implemented to support business and user needs. That’s why our team is ready to join forces with you to craft experiences that enables you to utilize your web in a way that enables your content creators and grows your business. And that you can feel comfortable to scale over time without introducing any bogging technical legacy.

In our customer web projects we anchor in principles from the Double Diamond framework. This means that our way of work often is oriented around:

  • Discover and understand the challenge

  • Define and scope the problems at hand

  • Ideate and conceptualize

  • Design, code and test

  • Ship and launch

  • Maintain and evolve

Strife is a Swedish company with HQ in the south east town of Kalmar. With over 20 years experience working with CMS platforms we know a thing or two about good and bad websites as well as shortcomings in traditional CMS.

Don’t let your valuable time go to waste with clunky platforms and a poorly performing website. Discover the possibilities with Strife content management platform for your next website project.