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Figma To Strife for Agile Web Projects

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We've all experienced the frustration of project delays caused by last-minute changes in web projects. Despite adopting agile methodologies and frequent client check-ins, projects often find themselves scrambling to accommodate late design alterations due to communication issues and misunderstandings.
A significant challenge arises when clients enter the project late, expecting content creators to create real content within the final design. It's a common headache that demands a solution. This is all true until the rise of Strife’s seamlessly integration with Figma using the Figma plugin from divRIOTS

In addition to the increase in project costs, web project delays have widespread consequences, ranging from missed income opportunities and resource lockdowns to damaged trust and decreased morale. Prolonged delays can significantly impact the psychological health of the project team. Furthermore, rushed deliveries to meet postponed deadlines compromise the quality of the final product, emphasizing the importance of timely project completion.

The impact of project delays can be devastating. That’s why we decided to eliminate one major project risks thats present in every project - a fragmented design review process characterized by misunderstandings between supplier and client. With Strife’s integration to Figma Web designers, UX professionals and UI professionals working with Figma can now seamlessly import created design into Strife CMS. Figma design elements are automatically transformed to html and presented as interactive and editable site template and content blocks. Here’s how the integration benefits your project team.

With no additional effort, web designs created in Figma can be seamlessly imported into Strife, making the designs interactive and editable for content creators without the need for programming skills. Here's how the integration benefits your project team.Content creators can test website functionality in very early stages of the design process, boosting their engagement. Designers can assess designs with real content, reducing dependency on developers. Early issue detection and a streamlined feedback loop ensure smoother collaboration and alignment within the project team. This makes your team true agile.

No one enjoys rebuilding what's already been developed, but unfortunately, it happens too often in web projects. Communication breakdowns and a lack of overall project understanding have been challenging to solve – until now. Ready to streamline your web project and avoid project delays?

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