Answering Your Honest Questions

Building Trust

As a new company in the market, we understand that new customers might have real worries about giving us their business. One of the main questions we hear is:

"What happens to our data and our website if Strife were to cease to exist?"

We know it's important to be clear and trustworthy, so let's openly talk about these concerns.

One of the primary reasons Strife came into existence is our dissatisfaction with the way large tech companies handle user data. We share your concerns about privacy and the commercialization of personal information. We pledge never to waver in our commitment to our customers, treating each of you with the respect you deserve. What distinguishes us is our unwavering dedication to safeguarding the positive values of the internet rather than exploiting them. The protection of our customers' data is a fundamental part of our core mission.

Our philosophy translates into practical, day-to-day decisions that benefit you, the customer. You own your data, now and forever. We ensure the safety and security of your data, along with regular data backups, data portability, and exclusive data access. Subscription flexibility and a money-back guarantee underscore our commitment to your satisfaction. We are committed to providing the support you need while also ensuring responsible growth. Another notable advantage of Strife is that developers don't need to acquire new skills to build sites using our platform. Developers can quickly get up to speed in just minutes. Therefore, as a customer, you won't encounter any challenges in finding the right competencies.

Furthermore, we want to emphasize that we are constructing Strife on a solid foundation by adhering to core web standards. This advantage is significant for you as a customer and distinguishes us from most services in the market. It means that Strife will remain effective even as the digital landscape evolves.

Now, let's address what happens to your site if Strife were to cease operations. To answer this question, we need to shed light on Strife's architecture. Strife serves as your editorial tool, storing the content you create with it. However, Strife is not your website itself. If Strife were to cease working, the sole impact would be the temporary inability to edit your content while the service is down. Nevertheless, you can still edit your content directly in the database if necessary. As for hosting your website, the choice is entirely yours. Although we offer hosting services, you are not obliged to use them. You are free to choose a hosting provider you trust, one that provides the support you deserve.

At Strife, our commitment to trust, honesty, and data security is not just a promise; it forms the very bedrock of our service. We are here for the long run, and our dedication to upholding these principles remains steadfast as we embark on this enduring journey.