Strife - "angry or bitter disagreement over fundamental issues"

The Story Behind the Name

We often get asked about why we chose the name Strife for our product. According to the dictionary, Strife means "angry or bitter disagreement over fundamental issues." This might raise concerns about whether the name carries a too negative impression of a product. However, we see it differently. Strife perfectly embodies our mission to grow stronger and forge a path toward innovation and progress. It is a name that resonates with our unwavering commitment and embodies the essence of our purpose. Let me explain.

In today's fast-paced world, where technology is constantly evolving, we recognize the utmost importance of staying true to our values and principles. This holds true, particularly in the realm of our business web development, and it serves as a reminder of why the W3C took the initiative to create the web standard guidelines – a robust framework for building sustainable and user-friendly solutions. Yet, somewhere along the way, we seem to have strayed off course. So what happened?

Well, developers are impatient and curious creatures by nature, so when fancy frameworks first saw the light of dawn, it didn't take long before we threw ourselves over "Nifty", "Glitzy", and "Ritzy" that satisfied our desire for quick fixes and immediate results. This accelerated the development up to lunatic speed and relegating the web standard to a nostalgic relic, best appreciated within the walls of a museum. But at this speed, without the stabilizing influence of guidelines, the foundations began to crack, and to patch these issues, new frameworks were created, functioning as mere duct tape attempting to hold together the ever-growing mountain of legacy problems and oversized websites. It's plausible that the web standard's slowish progress played a role, but the persistent complications arising from browser compatibility certainly didn't make matters any easier.

The guidelines not only provide assistance in our web development but also serve as a compass of the Internet's intended purpose – a platform intended to be democratic and safe, empowering individuals to access information freely. Unfortunately, in today's landscape, we witness an alarming proliferation of dark patterns that have transformed the web into a less hospitable environment. User data is incessantly harvested, and individuals are treated as mere commodities by large tech corporations, perpetuating a disconcerting erosion of user integrity.

The time has come to shift the tide, for we cannot simply accept the way things have unfolded. Driven by this strife, our purpose is clear – to forge a pathway towards a brighter digital future, one that fosters inclusivity and empowers every single individual with user-friendly and high-performing websites.