Web analytics in Strife

Introducing web analytics in Strife

We're delighted to announce the integration of website analytics support in Strife!

Understanding website performance is pivotal to delivering impactful content. It sheds light on whether your efforts are garnering the desired results or if you need to modify your online presence to achieve higher conversion rates. To unlock these crucial insights, a reliable analytics tool, such as Matomo or Google Analytics, can make a world of difference.

At Strife, we are avid supporters of Fathom Analytics. Our affiliation stems from their commitment, just like ours, to prioritizing user privacy. Fathom Analytics operates without incorporating cookies or complex data collection methods, making it a transparent and efficient choice.

We recognize that analytics tools can seem overwhelming if you're not an everyday user. In response, we've integrated analytics data into Strife to facilitate an easier understanding for the editor. The idea is to not just present data, but to present it in a comprehensible way that allows insights to be actionable.

In this brief video, we illustrate how straightforward it is to customize a filter that identifies high-performing pages based on visitor frequency over the past seven days. You have the avenue to configure targets and intervals for a comprehensive view. When analytics are amalgamated with other filter options - such as keywords, authors, templates - the result is a vast array of fascinating data you won’t find elsewhere.

We envision Strife analytics as an indispensable tool for authors for it provides valuable insights while offering a streamlined way of handling the data. However, to dive deeper and propose strategic decisions, the integration of a specialized analytics tool remains vital.

Sign up for our waitlist at https://strife.app. Give it a whirl, and dive into the world of actionable website analytics with us