Strife CMS

Your gateway to modern Content Mastery

Elevate content quality and ignite productivity with Strife’s user centric toolbox for web content management.

We know you’re constantly in movement working towards set goals. Picking up pace and staying on track requires ability to execute, quickly updating and releasing new content without obstructing user frustration and bogging website performance.

Strife CMS empower content creators and editors with much needed flexibility in creating, updating and publishing content without the need to ask anyone for help. A truly user centric editing mode gives you total freedom and flexibility to compose and present your content without breaking the website design. With Strife we facilitate editorial content workflows in several ways; Live preview how your content is presented across different devices, custom fit images for different screens and filtering content based on performance metrics is just a couple examples how Strife CMS sparks efficiency in content management.

Collaborate with your marketing team in Strife and experience a high productive way of modern content management where space for editorial creativity is given, enabling you to craft, evolve and ship valuable user experiences.

Key CMS Features

Live preview content
Witness real-time changes on the fly as you compose and perfect your content across devices

Performance insights
Zoom in on high/low-performing pages to focus your attention where it matters most. Automatically present high or low performing content on selected places on your website

Custom fit images
Ensure perfection in image motives on every device

Flexible template builder
Supporting your needs for content composition and presentation

Containers for reusable content and/or content without URLs such as contact cards

Language support for content

Content Delivery
Strife utilize a lightning fast global content delivery network to optimize content delivery. Performance like never seen before.

Why Strife CMS?

Elevates content quality:
Gives you full control of how text and media are presented on your website

Ignites Productivity:
Streamlines your content management workflow

Embraces Creativity:
Gives your content creators the flexibility they need to create rich experiences without breaking the website design

Sparks Efficiency:
Do more with less. Save time and money

Future proof technology
Strife is built without third party frameworks, eliminating dependencies and risk to end up in a corner

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