Strife DAM

Enrich your digital experiences

Make Strife DAM your single source of truth for your digital assets.

We know you rely on digital media to create rich digital experiences. We also know digital media can be a hassle and a bottleneck for a speedy time to market. That’s why we are committed to eliminate speed bumps in the digital media workflow and streamline vital aspects like storage, usage and management. With Strife DAM you get the toolbox you need to support digital brand consistency and operate more efficiently thanks to centralized storage and elimination of potential wrongdoing.

Neatly organize your high-resolution assets in albums and enjoy intuitive filtering like dominant colors to quickly find media that goes along with the theme and branding of your website. Strife DAM comes with an extensive file format support and state of the art CDN for content delivery. Images and movies embedded on your website are automatically optimized for web delivery meaning you don’t have to choose between solid performance and an appealing digital experience. Features like crop and zoom gives you full control of how published media is presented across different devices.

Collaborate with internal and external stakeholders and share selected assets to grow and utilize your digital media across various channels.

Start harvesting the potential in your digital media library with the tools you need for confidant management and optimized usage.

Key DAM features

Organize & manage
Use albums and free text search to organize and find assets

Extensive file format support
Strife supports a variety of formats. Specification can be found here

Optimized for webb
Images and movies used on your website are automatically optimized for web, ensuring site performance.

Live preview
Preview stored movies in a blink of an eye by mousing over movie thumbnails

High capacity 4K movie streaming

Automatically transcribe movies

Color filtration
Find media based on its dominant colors

Focus in on a specific part of the image

Cameras often embed IPTC data in images and videos. IPTC data is supported in Strife making it possible to find assets by searching this data

Share stored assets with selected people or platforms

Why Strife DAM?

Speed up your time to market
Reducing time spent on localizing the media you are looking and eliminating worries about file format and file size will make your marketing operations more efficient.

Create rich digital experiences
Great support for finding and using media that goes along with your website theme and design will enhance and uplift the messaging of your web

Ensure brand consistency
Predefining formats and sizes for images and movies embedded on your website creates space for creativity without risking to break the website design and violating brand guidelines.

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