Strife PIM

Boost efficiency and grow your business

Harvest the full potential of your product assortment by modernizing your product information workflow and creating space for internal collaboration.

Have you ever asked around for the latest approved product spec or customer pricing just to find out it is stored on someone’s local computer or scattered over multiple Excel sheets?

We feel you!

Ability to work efficiently with product information is business critical if your organization rely on a marketing offering based on products. Hence organizing, managing, and utilizing product data should not be a hassle. Yet it often is because product workflows and structuring tend to grow complex and mismatch the concept and logics in the PIM platform.

That’s why you need a flexible and scalable PIM, packaged in a crisp and intuitive user interface. Strife centralizes all your product data and gives you immense flexibility to structure product information in a way that suits your product range and supports your internal workflows. Seamlessly overview product relations, data inputs and updates. Use any filter combination to quickly find and zoom in on products that meets specific criteria. Set up automated workflows to utilize your product data in different channels such as website product pages, configurators, manuals, and tech specs.

Connecting Strife to external data sources like an ERP gives you the ability to enrich your products with external master data while you enjoy the time saving of having the full picture available in your PIM.

Using Strife PIM you also avoid the cost and headache of shaky and performance bogging integrations with your website (CMS) and Digital Asset Management (DAM) since Strife unifies PIM, CMS and DAM in one and the same platform.

Reduce business risk, enhance internal collaboration, and discover a new era of smoothness. Choose a PIM that works with you instead of against you.

Key PIM features

Flexible template builder
Gives you the freedom to configure your product templates to support your needs for product data modeling.

Product data & relations
Build your product hierarchy by creating relations within product ranges and assign relevant data inputs.

Dynamic filtering
Filter on any product variable to quickly overview and zoom in on specific products in your PIM.

Product media
Enrich products in Strife PIM with media served from Strife’s DAM. Product information and product media managed in the same platform.

Utilize product data
Serve your audience with the right offer and information in the right channels. Use Strife PIM to feed your website, product configurator, product manuals and other product marketing channels.

Connect to ERP
Enrich your PIM data with data from your ERP.

Why Strife PIM?

Increase sales
Harvesting full potential of your product data and becoming more flexible in the usage of it will optimize for higher conversion potential, up-sales and cross-sale.

Cut cost and reduce risk
Centralizing product data in a user centric interface with dynamic filtering gives you full control of your PIM data and allows you work faster while you avoid the risk of scattered and fragmented data.

Create space for collaboration
Unite product and marketing specialist in one and the same platform and context will make your products shine.

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