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Reclaim Creativity with Strife

Did you know that your daily apps might be swallowing up to one day per week of your valuable time and nudging you closer to burnout? A recent eye-opening study from the University of Copenhagen reveals that up to 20% of your precious creative time slips away, thanks to slow and clunky applications.

Despite super-fast computers, the study spills the beans: the more our tech can do, the more we demand. It's a never-ending cycle. Just making computers faster isn't the golden ticket. The study zooms in on two app headaches: poor performance and usability issues. So, picking the right app is a big deal! It's like choosing a teammate that helps, not hinders. Go for software that aligns with your intentions, making technology a true companion on your creative journey.

So, choose wisely and let your creativity shine! Ready to transform your workflow? Book a demo with Strife now and take the first step towards reclaiming your creative time! Don't let another day go to waste.

PS. Dive deeper into the study's insights by checking out this blog post: Breaking Free from Clunky Apps

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