Reinventing Content Management

The most user centric CMS to create, manage and grow your website

Strife enables marketers and editors to smoothly manage and utilize any content across websites and other channels in a highly flexible way. A composable platform built on core web standards, GDPR-compliant and blazingly fast with an immense experience for both users and developers

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Improve Time To Market with Strife's combined capabilities

Strife unifies valuable content

Strife lets you model for any content resource such as marketing, product and media content, supporting a cross functional workflow. This makes it easier to create and orchestrate rich user experiences that can support your business. Content management and distribution made seamless – not frustrating, siloed and fragmented.

A CMS that lets your content shine

PIM capabilities for great product experiences

DAM features to enrich your digital interactions

Keyboard first approach

Everything at your fingertips

Edit a text, or publish multiple pages for a campaign. This and much more can be done with our role-based contextual command menu.

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Always at your command

Working with our contextual command menu speeds up your daily work and keeps you in charge.

Simplicity and perfection

We work hard to make your work simple. Our role-based command menu is an example of trying to help you work smarter.

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Blazing fast

A blink of an eye is on average 100-150 milliseconds. We try to do things even faster.

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Live preview that makes a difference

Work in different resolutions simultaneously

Preview as you expect it to be. It's instant. It's accurate, and you can preview all resolutions simultaneously. No need for hitting a preview button anymore. It's just always present.

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The most versatile content management system

The most versatile content management system

Strife combines a headless architecture with a stunning live editor preview. Some of you might call it a game-changer. We call it headless without compromises.

Headless with a stunning live preview

Built for speed

Crisp and intuitive user interface.

Opinionated software

Build your site on any technology and host it anywhere

Energy-efficient and carbon cautious